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Pastor Wright truly has a shepherd's heart. He's been faithful in pastoring, teaching and guiding his "sheep" for over 33 years. His knowledge of God's Word is insurmountable as he spends hours in study and prayer. Our pastor desires that all of his people be students of the Word, with each walking in his or her calling(s).  The early church in the book of Acts is the framework for his church, built upon the foundation of Yeshua the Messiah. Years ago God gave Pastor Wright a vision of  Lily of the Valley Evangel Church being a "lighthouse on the corner" in the city of Martinsburg. He and his wife, Sharon, have worked tirelessly toward bringing forth that vision. God has strengthened them every step of the way. Pastor Wright is not only dedicated to his church, but also to his community. He serves and/or leads in numerous organizations, thus, has gained great respect in the community. Our pastor truly has a servant's heart and has taught his congregation well. We are blessed to have such a Godly leader shepherding us toward spiritual maturity.

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Minister Sharon, Pastor Wright's wife, is a perfect example of a true, biblical helpmate to her husband. She exemplifies how a Godly woman should live: and, she is beautiful both inside and out! Her compassion toward her congregation is unending. Even though she has a gentle, humble spirit, she is also gifted with strong leadership skills. Most of all, though, she loves the Lord and is not ashamed to praise him! L.O.V.E. Church is truly blessed to have Minister Sharon's love and spiritual maturity to guide us.


Lily of the Valley is blessed with the Godly guidance of our deacon and his wife who serve as the Word of God instructs. We are grateful for their service to us: Deacon Gary & Mary Ann Ballard.

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